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Satoshi Tomizu


After I met heat-resistant glass accessories in May 2008, I set off on this path.
Active as an artist in the worldwide popular product "Space Glass".
It has been featured in numerous media, and it has recently collaborated with musician SUGIZO and started various activities in the field of art.


Satoshi Tomizu

- What made you start making Space Glass?

Before creating Space Glass, I mainly made works of designs that actually exist, such as flowers and jellyfish.
As I was creating it, I started thinking that I wanted to create a design that I had never seen before, rather than making it resemble an existing design.
Then, as a result of thinking about a motif that can be imaged even though I have never seen, I came to "the universe".
I have seen the universe in the pictures, but I am creating works by imagining that the universe I actually see with the eyes looks different from the one in the photos.

- How did you get started with creating glass works?

Since I was a kid, I liked creating something.
Before I started creating glass works, I used to make jewelry with silver as a hobby.
While I was creating it, I wanted to create works by combining different materials with silver, and I searched for materials I was interested in.
Then, I remembered that I liked glass in my childhood and collected marbles, and focused on glass.
As I studied various glasses, I knew the art using heat-resistant glass from overseas, and I realized "this is it!!!"when I met it.
Then it didn't take long to get involved in the glass.
After that, I just kept melting the glass every day, and here I am.

Satoshi Tomizu

- What kind of image does the work of the universe represent?

I am often asked which planet in the Space Glass you imagine, however, I have not decided what stars they are.
If the person who takes the Space Glass in hand sees it as the Earth, that is the Earth. If they see it as another planet, I think that is also good.

- Please let us know the points which you are particular about Space Glass?

I'm most particular about the spiral.
This spiral is an image of the orbit of the planet, but it is created through a continuous process of trial and error such as color, fineness and the quantity of lines.
I change the work procedures frequently.
If I put a slight change such as the work procedure or the hand movement, the outcome can be different.
It is a subtle change, so maybe only I can notice it, though.

Satoshi Tomizu

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