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takumu leather belt takumu leather belt

Leather belt born for the takumu brand

takumu leather belt is a completely original product created to realize the joy of wearing takumu brand products.
You can easily attach Space Glass (PlusAlpha), MIZU BRACELET, etc. and enjoy art as fashion.

takumu leather belt

Design for both men and women

I also stuck with the design so that both men and women could wear it.
The thickness and material of the leather were also completed through trial and error after preparing samples of various patterns.
In addition, we prepare three variation of the size, "S , L".
We also prepare three color variations, "black, brown, dark brown" and you can choose the one according to your preference.

takumu leather belt takumu leather belt

Unique detachable attachment

No matter how great the product is, it is not acceptable if the functionality is not good.
The attachment of takumu leather belt makes it easy for anyone to remove the glass, so you can easily change and enjoy various pieces.
In addition, though it is easy to deattach the glass from the belt, you can use it comfortably because the glass and the belt are firmly fixed.
Acquired utility model patent (Utility model registration 3218335)

How to attach to takumu leather belt

Installation on the takumu leather belt is very easy.
In the mood of the day, it is possible to change from space glass to MIZU.

Artist ”Satoshi Tomizu”

PlusAlpha Co., Ltd. Representative Director
In May 2008, he met heat-resistant glass accessories and started his career as a glass artist.
He is active as an artist of the world popular product "Space Glass".
He has been featured in numerous media and has recently collaborated with musicain SUGIZO and started various activities in the field of art.