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Atsushi Sasaki


Mr. Atsushi Sasaki, a craftman who is committed to "water".
Launched the brand "Northern Lights" and is active as an artist in the world as well as Japan.
Recognized in the home of glass, the United States and produce original and collaborated works with prominent artists.
He is a hot artist.


Atsushi Sasaki

- Please tell us why you started making works using water as a motif.

It had already begun from the start.Water.
Ten years ago, I had been working on it before launching the brand, Northern Lights.
Originally, I made works in the image of a stone.
I wanted to make a stone that looked like water with glass.
Before I started making glass, I worked in a jewelry brand, so the image of a stone in my head was a gem.

I changed the material from gems to glass, and I made stones that looked like water.
I imagined such a thing that ore excavated somewhere looked watery.

I made various series of works, but all of them were the movement of water.

For example, I have created a series of works called ice.
The tails of meteorites, comets, etc. are caused by the frictional heat making a massive ice become like a broom star.
And I made a flower work by imagining that the ice becomes water, and when it turns to the soil, it makes a flower bloom.
Lastly, since it vaporizes like smoke so on, I made an incense stand.

- What kind of material is a water-work made of?

It is made by putting an artificial opal into heat resistant glass.
As for the part of the surface of the water, I sometimes make colors by mixing not only clear glass but also color glass thinly so that anyone cannot figure it out.
The color placed at the bottom is not the primary color of the color glass, but is made by mixing color glass one by one.

- What kind of image is the work of water expressed?

I like to travel, and express the colors of the sea that I actually saw and felt beautiful on the road.
Of course there are parts that I can not control about color, but I try to get it closer to the color I am imaging through trial and error.
Well, it still doesn't go as expected. Therefore, the color changes slightly one by one.
Regarding how to make it, I have repeated minor changes.
It changes quite a lot about how to make a color or a shape.
I am also changing the way of processing as well as the surface of work.

- Please tell me the image of the beautiful work you want to make.

I want to make a work that looks beautiful even though it is cloudy.
When the sun's light is applied, the fluctuation of the water surface is clear and beautiful.
I want to create works that look beautiful even in places where the light is weak.

- Please tell me the difficult points in making a work?

It depends on the weather.
If I make it when the weather is overcast, I will not get beautiful colors.
The feeling at the time of production is also so, but with the light coming in from the window since the appearance of the work is different, it is hard to see when processing the surface.
I also use the electric light, but after all the sun light looks better.

- Are you looking forward to the production process?

It's the most fun when I make colors and when I finally check with lights.
I may see beautiful colors that I did not expect.


- Please tell me how you started to use glass.

After working for a jewelry brand, I worked for a design company for a couple of years, but from that time I started to use glass.
Jewelry is all cold work.
It is a sculpture, that is, it makes a form.
Because there are jewelers, there are limited things which can be done on my own.
However, I can draw pictures, make shapes and even draw patterns in glass.
There is no limit and the size is also unlimited.
If I have the technology, I can make a bigger one.
I felt attractive in all that I could do with my own power.

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